Annual Recital


The Legacy


The Annual Recital is the Flagship event of Alyce Carella Dance Centre. Has been held every spring for the past 60 years. Over the years it has transformed from just an yearly event to a grand celebration of dance. It celebrates the joy of dancing, as it brings together, great innovation, creativity, years of professional experience, amazing craftsmanship and of course hard-work of hundreds of students. Ms. Alyce Carella and Ms Laura, proudly presents this show in front of a large (sold out) audience every year.

It all begins with teaching the children and adults the proper technique and skills from the beginning of the year, so by January every class is ready to start preparing a dance. Each class is different with a fusion of creative styles from so many talented teachers. Costumes are purchased by the families and worn for each different class in the show. Some children take one class a week to as many as 11 classes a week. Some families have dancing dad’s that tap with their daughters. Some have dancing mom’s that hip hop with their kids. It’s a great time as well as amazing memories that are created for a lifetime.


There are different themed show’s every year... to name a few. “Light’s Camera, Action” was this past recital. “Dance like no one is watching.” “Disney in Revue” “Broadways Best” “New York New York” A Broadway tap dance open’s the show every year and a Broadway jazz theme closes the finale ever year. Consisting of all the Broadway jazz classes coming together at one time and performing together, ranging from 45-60 students in one number. Last year they did “Jersey Boys.” Some others have been “Hair Spray” “Momma Mia” “Dream girls” “Burlesque vs. Glee” “So You Think You Can Dance” “Grease” and a tribute to “Michael Jackson” very exciting!!


Our show’s consist of students taking part in a dress rehearsal the day before the performance.. Children as young as 2 yrs. dance, all the way up to 90 yrs. old, dance is ageless. At one point there were 30 dad’s that performed with their daughters on the Disney world stage in Florida. Father’s and mom’s receiving their 5-10-15 year awards for participating in the shows.


The Coverage


The recital is the most exciting time of the year and is always held the 3rd weekend in May. It’s time to showcase in your costumes and perform your dances that everyone worked so hard on. Relatives, siblings, friends and school teachers are all invited and people travel from all over the U.S.A to come to the show. A professional videographer records the show and a professional photographer takes dance photos the day of dress rehearsal.


The Joy of Dancing


At show time the energy is electrifying in the studio and tickets are sold, costumes coming in every day, backdrop and scenery is ordered, the music is being recorded in the order of the program, trophies are ordered for the 5-10-15 yrs. of dance study. The flowers are ordered for the teacher’s, assistant teachers and student teachers. Make up goes on, and smiles on the faces. Before you know it.... It’s Showtime Folk’s!

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