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Annual Recital

The Annual Recital is the Flagship event of Alyce Carella Dance Centre, and has been held every spring for the past 60 years. Over the years it has evolved into a grand celebration of dance. The purpose of the yearly recital is to recognize the joy of dancing and the hard work of hundreds of students. Ms. Alyce Carella and Ms Laura proudly present this show in front of a large (sold out) audience every year.

The first semester of every class is focused on proper technique and the building of skills, so that by January each class begins to learn a recital dance.  These dances fit into the yearly theme of the recital - past themes have included "Dance Like No One is Watching," "Broadway's Best," and "New York, New York," just to name a few.  Costumes are selected to showcase the creative vision for each group, and whether a dancer is featured in one dance or in ten, the recital is a wonderful experience that creates memories that last a lifetime. 

The recital is also a time to recognize students for their commitment to our dance program, with the awarding of trophies for 5, 10, and 15 years of participation.

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