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Class Attire

Under Age 7: Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Age 7 and Up

Ballet: Pink or black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Tap: Any color leggings/bike shorts, tshirts/camisole tops, black tap shoes

Broadway Jazz:  Any color leggings/bike shorts, tshirts/camisole tops, black jazz shoes

Hip Hop: Bike shorts, sweat pants/leggings, tshirts/camisole tops, black jazz shoes or sneakers 

Classes Offered

Terrific Twos

A class designed for the curious 2 year old. Exploring dance through creative movement and song.  Class are1/2 hour long and run in 8-week sessions.

TuTu Cute

Preschoolers can enroll in our TuTu Cute ballet classes, where will begin to learn about technique and explore the foundations of dance through fun music and developmentally appropriate instruction.

Princess Ballet

5 & 6 year olds are eligible to enroll in our Princess Ballet class, where we emphasize being fun and fancy while continuing to learn basic techniques of dance.


Ballet is the most important foundation for dance as it teaches and demands correct body placement (posture) technique, discipline and is the basis for all graceful movement. All other forms of dance relate to ballet. Serious study of ballet should begin when a child is is approximately seven years old. 

Ballet Pointe

Pointe is essential for the serious ballerina. The dancer must be 12 years of age, with disciplined experience in ballet from 4 to 5 years of study. Pointe may only be taken at the discretion of the teacher.


The technique of tap is a wonderful way to learn a sense of rhythm and coordination. Technique and combinations you thought were impossible become second nature. Beginner through advanced, ages 3 to 93.

Adult/Family Tap 

Adults interested in the art of dance are welcome in our Adult Tap class, which is the perfect spot for beginners through advanced students.  Adult Tap is a perfect way to keep active and exercise mental acuity.

Adults with students 7 years old and up who are also enrolled in a tap class can participate in Family Tap.  This class begins with adults only coming in the fall to learn tap basics, and then students join in the new year to put the dance together. This class is a wonderful way to bond with the special child in your life and also learn some new skills! 

Broadway Jazz

Broadway Jazz offers different styles of jazz ranging from Broadway shows, to musicals, popular movies and dance programs. We incorporate all styles of jazz, working on the many techniques and elements required to bring a show to life. 


Contemporary dance consists of ballet, jazz and modern dance. Movements use the entire body that bring you to the floor, highs and lows, rigid and fluid movements. 


Hip Hop will definitely keep you in shape along with learning the newest upbeat moves. This class consists of a complete warm-up, then watch out - here come those moves! You will keep the beat with the newest artists.

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